Islandora Camp is returning to Vancouver for our second iCampBC, July 18 - 20. We welcome all of our West Coast Islandorians and anyone else who would like to see beautiful British Columbia while learning about Islandora. Many thanks to our sponsor the British Columbia Electronic Library Network for making this camp possible!

Camp consists of three days of Islandora content at the Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver:

  • Day One: General Islandora sessions, overviews, introductions (Location: Room 1415)
  • Day Two: Hands-on training with Islandora as either a developer or admin (Location: Admin in Room 1415 and Dev in Room 1510)
  • Day Three: Sessions on specific tools, sites, and other deeper dives into Islandora (Location: Room 1415)

If you have any questions about this or future camps, please contact us.