Free Event: Building the maintenance-mindset into Islandora lifecycle

Reposted from the Islandora mailing list:

Join us anytime on Sept. 22 (between 11am-3pm EDT) for our first ISLE 7 Release Party! This informal Zoom drop in session offers a supportive and shared learning environment where you can ask questions as you install the newest version of ISLE. This pilot will help determine if offering a regularly scheduled ISLE Release Party would be beneficial for our community to update together while creating a practice of maintenance and accountability in a supportive environment. (Future release parties will include ISLE 8, too.)

Come pop in and receive a warm hello from Danny Lamb, Gavin Morris, Melissa Anez, Joanna Dipasquale, Paul Wentzell, Cary Gordon, Mark McFate, David Keiser-Clark, and other friendly faces :)

When: Sept 22, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT


Add this event to your calendar: Email + request a calendar invitation for "ISLE Release Party"


  1. May I show up if I do not have ISLE installed? Of course!
  2. Several versions behind? No problem. Come get yourself caught up.
  3. Curious about ISLE and what it takes to upgrade? No problem. Join us.
  4. Want to listen without any commitment or expectations? Join us in this pressure-free zone.
  5. Not sure where to start? Join us - we are all trying this for the first time.  
  6. And... ISLE 7 version 1.5.2 will be released just prior to this event. (TY Gavin!!)

Want more information? Please see: Maintenance-Mindset: ISLE Release Party!

David Keiser-Clark

(With much gratitude to a small team within the ICG who developed this as an ICG Incubator idea.)