Updated Support Timeline for Islandora

With the Drupal community’s decision to extend Drupal 7’s end of life until November 28, 2022, as well as the release of Drupal 9, the Islandora Foundation has revised its version support timeline. We will be extending the period of security fixes for Islandora 7 to November 2022 to match Drupal 7’s end of life.  

  • Drupal 7 EOL (end of life) - November, 2022    
    • Islandora 7.x EOL - November, 2022
      • Last release with new features: November, 2020
      • Final release, bug fixes only: November, 2021
      • No new security fixes will be made: November 2022

There will be two more scheduled Islandora 7 releases. These releases are scheduled yearly and target release in November. The release in November, 2020 will be the last release to include any new features. The release in November, 2021 will only include bug and security fixes (no new features). 

Security fixes may prompt unscheduled releases, to fix any critical security bugs found in the system. These releases will be done on an ad-hoc basis, as needed, until November 2022. After November 2022 Islandora 7 will be considered EOL (end of life) by the Islandora foundation and will not receive any further security updates.

Also, due to Islandora 8’s dependencies on several Drupal contributed modules, we cannot release Islandora 9 until all of its dependencies are Drupal 9 ready.  To that effect, although we cannot give an exact release date, we pledge that all of the code we maintain will be ready for Drupal 9 by 2021.

  • Drupal 8 EOL - November, 2021    
    • Islandora 8.x EOS: No formal end of support is planned. Islandora 8 will transition into Islandora 9 as a relatively minor upgrade, not a migration.
  • Drupal 9 Release: June, 2020    
    • Islandora 9.x Ready: January 2021


Islandora Version Support Timeline