Looking for extra help, or something custom? Below is a list of service companies that both work on Islandora and support the project and community.

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Discoverygarden has been implementing Islandora systems for organizations around the world since 2010. We have worked with clients ranging from Universities, Museums, Public Libraries, Law Libraries, Manufacturing, Government, Enterprise, Archives and more.  We offer a full range of services from production installs, training, custom development, metadata mapping, data modelling, support and hosting.  We have also developed a deep expertise in migrating content from other systems and integrating Islandora with a myriad of other systems. For those of you looking for an out of the box solution;  Discoverygarden’s OnDemand Software as a Service provides a quick Islandora environment so you can concentrate on managing your content, while we do the rest.  Every member of the team has a deep understanding of data management and can help at any point of the process, including those still in the very early stages. Our consultants can meet you on site or remotely to analyze your data, your needs, internal workflows and advise you on how to move forward. For more visit discoverygarden.ca or contact us at info@discoverygarden.ca

discoverygarden, Inc. | 155 Queen St. Suite 101 | Charlottetown, PE | C1A 4B4 | 902.367.3851 | info@discoverygarden.ca



LYRASIS is your trusted non-profit partner for hosting your digital assets in Islandora, a proven and sustainable open source digital asset management solution. Islandora is one component of a suite of open-source hosting services we provide, which includes ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace. We offer affordable services from a dedicated team of mission-driven professionals who understand your needs and actively contribute to the larger open software community.


LYRASIS | 1438 West Peachtree Street, NW Suite 200 | Atlanta, GA | 30309 | 800.999.8558



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Born-Digital offers a full suite of sustainable and secure Islandora solutions. We create and manage custom tools which allow archivists, librarians and digital curators to focus on what they do best: preserving, publicizing, and providing public access to their collections.

For existing Islandora installs we start with a comprehensive audit, make recommendations for infrastructure and application stability and security, then set up a recurring maintenance and support retainer. We also offer “continuous enhancement” retainers, as well as engage for single custom development projects.

For clients interested in an initial install or migration, again we start with an audit of existing systems and digital collections, as well as on-staff capabilities. We present a plan which dovetails with our client’s team, augmenting their expertise and availability. Sometimes we shoulder the full project effort, but we have found that closer to an 80/20 split not only keeps project costs down, but also ensures that our clients are comfortable with their new systems by the time the site launches.


Born-Digital | 84 Russell Street | Hadley, MA | 01035 |413.259.6777 | info@born-digital.com




Essential services to harmonize your digital world.

Our speciality is making award-winning front-end experiences in Drupal and bringing Fedora Commons data objects to life with visual interfaces in Islandora. Preserve, curate, and share: our team will work with you to assess and understand the goals of your digital asset repository and the needs of its users to produce an attractive, cohesive, and intuitive user portal with a smart navigational strategy that drives discoverability of content. Our office, which houses over 70 designers, developers, and content specialists is located in central Canada - London, ON - and we serve clients throughout North America. 

Learn more about Digital Echidna from our client reviews on Clutch.co, visiting our online work portfolio, or checking out our Islandora blog series.  

Digital Echidna | 148 York Street | London, ON | N6A 1A9 | 519.858.9604





Agile Humanities Agency draws on a decade of experience with the Islandora platform and its international community. We typically work with clients across the arts, humanities, and social sciences and partner with publishers, galleries, libraries, archives, and museums.

We specialize in open-source development and custom design for an array of content management systems, data repositories, and platforms. As a member of the Islandora Foundation, we help to build and maintain the community’s codebase. We also provide ongoing hosting and support services.

Our agency practices an iterative, design-driven philosophy, an agile practice that allows us to adapt quickly to user and stakeholder feedback. Our expertise in accessible usability/UX design has proven critical to a client base with complex compliance requirements and specific community standards.

We form geographically distributed "agile networks" among clients and rapidly assembled teams of programmers, designers, information and systems architects, and project managers. No agile network is exactly alike; each one is a custom fit. Our networks are global, so we're accustomed to working across continents, oceans, and time zones. We cultivate a culture of remote collaboration.


Agile Humanities Agency | 889 Queen Street West | Toronto, ON | 416.277.5696 | contact@agilehumanities.ca